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AnastasiaDate.com is an online dating service designed to pair men up with women in Russia, Ukraine, and other Eastern European countries. However, members report many issues with this service.

AnastasiaDate is a global dating administration that matches men with ladies from Eastern Europe, predominately Russia and Ukraine.

It’s allowed to make a record and peruse the AnastasiaDate.com profiles, yet you’ll have to pay for each connection on the site with credits.

The help was established by a Russian-American couple in 1993, and it is intended to assist you with interfacing with new individuals, whether it’s for affection or kinship.

The organization vows to keep your data rigorously classified and claims to involve a complex help for identifying and eliminating trick accounts. AnastasiaDate professes to interface north of 6,000 couples every year.

In this survey, we will investigate what this assistance offers to assist you with choosing if it is ideal for you.


How Does AnastasiaDate Function?

You will begin the information exchange process by sharing whether you are a man or a lady. In any case, no one but men can make accounts on the site. On the off chance that you endeavor to join as a lady, you will be diverted to a Dating.com, an alternate worldwide dating site customized towards all kinds of people.

For men, you can finish up your profile by sharing data like your age, level, weight, conjugal status, hair tone, instructive foundation, calling, leisure activities and interests, from there, the sky is the limit. You can likewise submit up to four photographs.

You can quickly peruse the profiles of ladies and send them messages. As your profile will momentarily be featured on the top page of the site, you ought to before long be immersed with messages. Every one of these messages is allowed to peruse, however you’ll have to spend credits to answer them.

Much of the time, your match may just have essential English abilities. AnastasiaDate utilizes translators to decipher these directives for the two players so you can see one another. The organization strategy expresses that these translators won’t ever impart your messages to any other individual.

It’s taboo to share your contact data through AnastasiaDate.com except if you do as such through the organization’s allowed courses. These incorporate calls and by sending roses or presents where you remember your contact data for an individual message.


How Do Credits Work? – AnastasiaDate.com

If you want to do anything more than browsing, you’ll need to pay for credits, the site’s online currency. The costs for credits depends on how many you buy:

  • 20 credits: $15.99 ($0.80 per credit)
  • 160 credits: $96 ($0.60 per credit)
  • 1,000 credits: $399 ($0.40 per credit)


How many credits it costs to access different features also varies. For instance:

  • Send and receive messages through letters (messages will be translate as necessary): 10 credits per message ($4–$8)
  • Virtual gifts like a profile sticker or a short video lesson like yoga or meditation: 15 credits per gift ($6–$12)
  • Send real-world gifts like flower bouquets, perfume, gift cards, food baskets, English lessons and more: 49 to 960 credits ($20–$384)
  • Message in real-time through Live Chat: 1 credit per minute ($0.4–$0.8)
  • Online chat while seeing videos of each other through CamShare (no mic included): 6 credits per minute ($2.4–$4.8)
  • Have a live phone call through a translator: 100 credit deposit for 10 minutes, 10 credits per additional minute ($40–$80 plus $4–$8 per minute)
  • Have a live phone call without a translator: 5 credits per minute ($2–$4)

You can also subscribe to a monthly membership for $9.99. This provides you with 10 free three-minute live chat sessions per month and the ability to send unlimited Love Notes (a notification to indicate interest) each month. You can cancel your membership at any time through your online account.


Is Your Data Safe?

AnastasiaDate professes to safeguard all site clients with a main Wellbeing and Security Framework. Where all individuals are affirm to be valid by the staff.

However you can give data like your last name, address and contact data. When you join, it will not be display in your profile and will not be offer to outsiders.


The Primary concern – AnastasiaDate.com

When you pursue AnastasiaDate, set up your profile, and watch. The coy messages roll in from ravishing ladies. You could begin feeling. That this site is unrealistic. As a rule, you would be right.

AnastasiaDate is intend to suck you in from. The primary second so you burn through cash. Client audits make plainly large numbers of the ladies on this site deal with it like. Their work, determined to inspire you to burn through cash on discussions, gifts, and live cams.

Numerous clients shared that they attempt to get genuine contact data from. Their matches and that in any event, when they travel to Russia or Ukraine to visit them. Their experience with them was restrict. And they had to pay for an interpreter to go with them. In a few cases, clients found that their coordinates. Were having twofold existences and wed with families.

There’s an opportunity you could track down adoration on AnastasiaDate. Yet the chances are great it will set you back truckload of cash and misfortune to arrive. Different destinations, as RussianCupid, appear to be more centered around making. Certify associations, so your time may be better spent there.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Now, it’s time to go through a few frequently asked questions about anastasiadate.com dating website. So, let’s keep reading it.

Can I send or receive virtual gifts online at this dating site?

Yes, you can certainly send and receive gifts online. If you want to stand apart from the usual crowd, you are suggested to send virtual gifts to your potential dating woman online.

Do I need to pay for premium dating features or services such as video calls, live chat and phone calls?

Whether you are going to choose live chat or CamShare service, you should always be ready to pay for the same. It’s a fact that premium dating features always come with a price tag.

Is it possible to find fake profiles of European women online?

However, we always try to make this dating platform free from dating scammers or fraud profiles, but still we can guarantee you for the same. It means that you may find fake profiles of European girls or women for dating.

Is it a hookup service?

You can sign up on anastasiadate.com dating site to meet new European girls or women, romance and date with them, but you aren’t supposed to use this platform as a hookup place.


Website: https://www.anastasiadate.com

Contact Email:  [email protected]
Phone Number: +1 (800) 356-3130
Address: 551 5th Avenue, 28th Floor,
New York, NY 10176-2901

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This is by far the worst app

This is by far the worst app. They charge you a monthly fee, they give you 10 credits which they do not tell you, once you’ve used those credits, you have to purchase more, and most “people” on there are FAKE, very robotic response. They keep contacting you so you use all your credits and make you purchase more… this app should be band

A lot of bots, fake profiles, & scammers

A lot of bots, fake profiles, & scammers. I’ve never met a single real person on this app. You’ll get an alert every seconds, someone liked you but that person never viewed your profile before liking you. Then you keep wondering how’s that even possible. When someone sent me a message, I was like yes finally a real person, then someone else sent me the same exact message format, then I realized it was A.I randomly sending me messages from random users I check earlier.

I just cancel my membership

I just cancel my membership 4 months early because it is full of fake profiles and scamming profiles don’t waste your time and hard earn money with this site. When you receive fake subspinous and scam profile and report they don’t seem to care and try to stop it. Take the word from a X member that cancel 4 months early.

This company is the biggest RIPOFF

This company is the biggest RIPOFF on the Internet. It’s nothing but a marketing scam!!!! DO NOT JOIN THIS SERVICE!!! UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE RIPPED OFF. This service gives you the same messages and likes over and over and DOES NOT follow your requests!!!!

I could never get a response

I could never get a response from this site about getting a partial refund, so I turned to American Express, which got my money back. And then they sent me messages saying they were waiting for payment from me! Why hadn’t I paid! So poorly run, one hand doesn’t know what other is doing.

This site is awful

This site is awful……I think that every profile is fake. I run the pics on Google Images and 99% of the time it’s a model or a stock photo taken from an ad or a pic stolen from Pinterest. It’s really discouraging and a big waste of time.

I do not recommend this dating app.

This company cancelled my account without offering a refund. The quality of the people on the site were far from the professionals I expected. I do not recommend this dating app.

This is the worst experience

This is the worst experience I’ve ever had. Expensive no payment plan. Mostly far away from me. Waste of time.

Avoid this site

This site is just olut for your money, if you’re single and lonely this site will just make you depressed and take your money. I’ve had a profile here for months and have contacted many members with no response, I have much better luck in the real world. Avoid this site and save your money.

It's full of scam

It’s full of scam accounts who’s write to you some naughty stuff than after a little bit of chatting they are try to lure you to a different site and register there so the two of you can continue chatting… And I am pretty sure that is a scam site and will empty your bank account.

Don’t understand

I got my account blocked after having one conversation from one of the hood chicks. Who flipped out on me. Don’t understand that one at all. That was a sign so I’m going to leave it that.

Showcase of fake photos

The site is very creative when it comes to the methods for getting your bucks. Better find other avenues.Their only flaw is ladies are overseas and you have to travel there. That was the only thing that made me hesitant at first. On the other hand, those trips always gave me the experience of a lifetime. The ladies were super hot: little black dress, Gucci aroma, high heels and lace lingerie type of women. Hot and REAL!! I hope they keep on rocking the game, so that next time I travel there I will finally pick up my wife – I’m determined to get married this year. I should have not wasted money on this site because of my impatience. These phony lame sites make you act out of impulse. All they can offer is a showcase of fake photos.

Website security is terrible.

My advice? Stay away from the site to protect your online identity. Website security is terrible. There were so many profiles of catfish strangers, most of whom were asking for money.

Stay away

Thought i was signing up for 1 month and going month to month but now stuck with 12 month membership i can’t get out of. Stay away from them as you get very limited contacts anyway probably better off on another sight.

Haven't really been happy

Only met once had a nice time… see where it goes! Haven’t really been happy with this website all the male members seem to live out of my area.

It was great meeting

It was great meeting the love of my life. But there are some pretty creepy people out there. Just be sure the person you talk to is legit! Video chat and talk about each others interests so you can see if there’s a connection between you two.

Keep away from it

Paying is easy but try and cancel your subscribtion is near on impossible as As soon as you try the app locks up.Keep away from it

I wish I could give a zero-star review

I wish I could give a zero-star review, because this site is the worst dating site ever! Do not waste your money!

Not resolving my refund issue

I subscribed recently and most of the women I am chatting with are asking for money which is a first sign of a scam. I was unable to browse to women in Scandinavia and in the hope of finding them I subscribed for a six month period.I wanted to have my have refund but the customer team is not resolving my refund issue. It can not make you to browse all over the world. Just an entrapment .

Don’t Use this website

You can quickly lose control of your identity on this site. Be very careful!!

Great matches

My experience is that this site was good for finding suitable matches. I do like their interface. would totally recommend the site to everyone, its so easy to use and they give you great matches!

I found someone

One of my friends referred me to this website. Wont say I found someone right away. But it took me a few days to find the right girl for myself. I am sure we will have some good time together.

Easy to use

Easy to use. Lots of members available. Looking for women and I found one through this website platform. The membership fee is about right. Thanks a lot for the service.

I was looking for an honest kind

I was looking for an honest kind and loving person and found when I was about to give up a reflection of myself which is beautiful thank you well appreciated .

This site has been very helpful

This site has been very helpful in lonely times.It helped me a lot to stay connected with a partner and kept me busy.Wonderful site it and it does have a very easy and beautiful interface.The best thing about this site was it contains real people and no bots.I highly recommend it to anyone.!Cheers!

It's a great place to be on

When I joined on here I simply put on my profile if you need a lavish life get in touch but need to obey me that’s my condition, and I got girls pulling my leg begging to take them that feeling makes me feel like a king chose a girl which understood exactly what I wanted so I would say it’s a great place to be on.

I met the woman

I met the woman I have been looking for my whole life at the site. We met 10 weeks ago. And are getting married and planning on starting a family ASAP.

Great site

Great site plenty of beautiful women. Easy to use and girls are easy to talk with. Chat features is great.

It is a very good site

It is a very good site I met someone here and we are still talking and getting to know each other but I can tell that it will be for a long time, men here are more stable and honest!

This app is very amazing

This app is very amazing a useful for all people , it give them the opportunity to connect with each other easily and give them very good things , thank you very much for this good job

Great site!

Great site! Good quality people. I have met someone that I have an awesome connection with, and am traveling to pursue it further. I am thrilled that I may have met someone who I am so compatible with! After all, that is all what we are all looking for, right??

I am a big fan of this site

I am a big fan of this site. I have been single for quite some time and this is one of the sites I have recently tried out. efficient, user friendly and funny with tons of wonderful and interesting people. However tough and specific as standards are very high there.

Total fraud and misleading

Total fraud and misleading

Very disappointing

Very disappointing. When you pay for a service and dont get it…scam.

What a waste of time

What a waste of time the likes u people message u back after u connect them and they do not like you. Waste of time sorry but Im gone.

This is just another money grabbing dating site

This is just another money grabbing dating site that uses up sell to increase revenue. You pay exorbitant rates then once your on if you want increased exposure. I am sceptical as to the validity of all these women. You also need to be weary of the scammers that try to get you email almost immediately.

Fake Messages

In my opinion, fraudulent practices of sending likes and view messages to customers. Placed a horrendous photo and ridiculous story online, but still received these messages from AnastasiaDate that women were interested in meeting me and viewing me. Most women on match.com, serial daters that want free dinners, drinks, etc. or pen pals.

Clearly a scam

Every time I create an account, log out and try to log in it fails, clearly a scam to make money from the lonely, if you do not sign up to pay it bumps you off

This sight is terrible

This sight is terrible. The quality of men on this sight is horrible. Convicts, players, guys only looking for casual sex. Men that likes to play games and very immature. Ladies if you are looking for better quality men pay and sign up at eharmony or match.com.

Avoid at all costs

The girl I was talking to turned out to be married with 3 kids. Found her online. Extremely hard to get my $2k refund. Extremely.

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