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The online dating platform DateMyAge.com advertises with a solid offer. We did some research and found a lot of negative reviews from former customers. According to that information, the members’ pool is filled with fake profiles that are either chat bots or managed by fake operators.

Costs will originate for a Datemyage.com subscription for a premium-membership that will extend automatically. This membership is not worth the money and seems to be a cheeky trap. The fake profiles are used to entice the user to pay for the subscription which ends in a big scam.


Subtleties on the DateMyAge.com audit

DateMyAge.com offers a free enlistment and cases that you will track down a date here in a matter of moments. On the presentation page we see a choice of profile pictures. Individuals in the pictures come from Greece, Canada, Ukraine, Germany, and China yet not from Australia. Thus, whether site is a decent decision to track down a date here in Down Under is problematic.


Directed visits – Datemyage.com

In light of that we needed to find out about the site and did some exploration. On the web, this webpage is very popular however not for good reasons. Many individuals guarantee that the internet dating site DateMyAge.com is a nervy sham with a phony visit and a membership trap.

Just after the free enlistment, the virtual post box of another part begins to top off with messages from different profiles right away. As we and other previous clients see it, those Datemyage.com messages come from counterfeit profiles that are overseen by counterfeit administrators.


No notes about counterfeit profiles in the terms

Many individuals portray their negative encounters with this site in their surveys. With everything taken into account, the reports from previous clients notice nothing new. In this way, regardless of whether the administrator of the website notice a phony talk, the reports on the web say that it is one.

Individuals guarantee that the membership is the real sham. The many messages that come from counterfeit profiles can not be opened or perused. For that, a paid premium-enrollment is required. This is presented in type of a membership that will expand consequently.

Generally, a programmed recharging doesn’t need to be awful. For this situation, the web based dating site doesn’t seem dependable and many individuals even discuss a brassy trick. Furthermore, the administrator of the site has an unfortunate standing.


How Much Does DateMyAge.com Cost?

DateMyAge works with a credit system, and the various actions you take on the site cost you a certain number of credits. This means pricing can be a bit tricky to understand. But basically, on DateMyAge, you’ll have to pay for a lot of the actions you take.

For example, basic chat costs one credit per minute, while a two-way video chat is six credits a minute, emailing takes ten credits, and sending or viewing/receiving photos or videos costs fifteen credits.

To start out, you have the option of buying 150, 600, or 1500 credits, and the rates for these can decrease if you demonstrate loyalty as a customer over time. You might want to consider starting off with a smaller number of credits and increasing this once you get used to the site—though the more credits you purchase in one go, the cheaper they become.

This estimating design can feel exorbitant assuming you expect to utilize the site intensely — even with 150 credits per month, it’s probably you’ll have to update and spend more cash to push discussions along and talk with additional individuals. For weighty clients, the costs will amount to well over the normal for a dating site.

In any case, you can preliminary your most memorable month with 150 credits for only $19.99 prior to choosing if you might want to pay for the help long haul at a rolling $49.99 month to month charge.


How Might You at any point Manage DateMyAge.com For nothing?

While DateMyAge has a let loose sign cycle that allows you to make your profile and peruse the site for nothing, you’ll have to move up to a paid record to get anything significant out of the site. For example, you can send a solitary message to a couple matches, yet you’ll have to buy credits before you can see their reaction or answer.

This implies that the free arrangement isn’t exactly helpful for tracking down a match, and it separates DateMyAge from other dating locales that give more their free plans.

Premium Elements and Redesigns on DateMyAge

When you redesign your record, there are various ways of contacting different singles in the DateMyAge organization. Here are the absolute best ones.

  • Moment in-page visit windows with fun emoticons
  • Email usefulness to send longer messages and add a foundation picture of your decision
  • Photograph sharing and ongoing video sharing from inside talk windows

You can likewise utilize the We should Blend element to message various matches without a moment’s delay. And use the High level Pursuit capability to assist you with tracking. Down that unique individual.


Another cool element is that you can send an old flame both virtual and IRL presents. The last option of which will really be conveyed straightforwardly to their doorstep! These can be bought by means of the application or site. And there are a lot to browse, similar to roses, gift vouchers, or even UGG boots. These reach in how much credits required. Sending a genuine orchid will impair you 319 credits, for instance. Best of everything is the live-transfer video highlight — this permits you to live stream with different singles in the organization. It resembles a gathering visit, with a few singles talking simultaneously, all on live stream, causing the whole experience to feel much more credible.




Can I enjoy dating online for free joining this dating site?

Yes you can, provided that you are supported by paid members.

Do I need to provide my real information on this dating site?

However, you may hide your real information, but it is advised that you should provide your real information in order to grab better reach.

Which is the best option – free or paid membership?

Of course, paid membership is a great option as it leads you for unveiling premium dating features.

Can I find singles of my choice for dating online?

Yes, datemyage dating site is devoted to singles. Whether you are looking for men or women for dating online, you can easily find out plenty of singles on the internet.

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Don't fall for it

All the pictures are fake no one is really in your area. All they want is your money. Don’t fall for it.

This app is a scam

This app is a scam. There is probably somebody paid to respond to your chats….. I wasted a lot of money talking to a girl, and I mean A LOT… I had a bad feeling about it… but I was so engaged in the conversation and overwhelmed with emotion to turn away…. I thought “hey it’s normal to want to just chat on the site for awhile, I’ll just give it some time…. ” that “time” just doesn’t end…… This scam was probably the most disappointing ordeal I’ve had in the longest time, if not ever. Hearts are not to be played with.

Scam money from you

The flirts and messages and favorites you get are from their IT staff. They send it to you to keep you interested, to scam money from you. They also have a way of making you think you are communicating with a real person. They email and send a cell number you can text to. You exchange a few text messages. You wonder at certain times you do not get a reply. Because this is also from their staff. Again to keep your acct active, to keep scamming you for money.

Not worth the money

Run, sprint to another Web site, this one is not worth the money

Complete waste of time and money!

Complete waste of time and money! At least 75% of profiles had no photos. Almost none of the matches lived within 90 -100 miles. Tries to match you with people with people working like jobs. Seriously, how many couples actually work in the same field? Why limit yourself to such boundaries?

Terrible site

Terrible site. Did the freebie for a couple day’s constantly got emails there was a new match or people viewing my profile. Go to site can’t see anything but buy premium. Wrote get a generic letter back. So out of curiosity I took the bait. What a waste of my 130.00. Very disappointed and can truly see why the rating is 1Star. They send matches to one commonality. Not matches. They also don’t give a percentage on match and then say 100 or 200 miles and they move it to 400+. Not worth the money.

Stay away from them

This company is like a leech, they will never let go of you, despite requests it is impossible and they will not respect your privacy, Stay away from them.

Complete waste of money and time

Complete waste of money and time. They seem to ignore your preferences, particularly re distance. I was also concerned about their screening process, as I had some approaches from individuals who appeared to be possible fraudsters. Watch their automatic renewal process- you get no reminder until after they have charged you, which appears to be sharp practice. As for site – that appears to be a complete misdescription. I feel ripped off

It’s full of fake profiles

It was rated well so I tried it out. Only ever had one date off the app in three years. It’s full of fake profiles and is a scam to get premium payment.


Well majority of the girls on the side were scammers from different locations. All they wanted was money telling you a sad story. It just was a joke. It’s not just this one. They were all similar ripoffs

Extortionate app

This app gives you no matches. Apparently over 50 people like me. Why am I not getting any matches then? Why is it not showing these people and letting me swipe on them? Just a scam to get you to pay for the extortionate app.

I found it a quite boring site

I found it a quite boring site, no one talks/chats at all plus repeated profile’s over & over again, took out a 3 months subscription after a week ask for my money back which they did promptly I might add, I get messages now someone asking a question, but when you look it’s a standard generated computer question on there behalf to get you ‘chatting’ so your replying to someone who is not interested in the first place & think your odd, fell for it once & they ask for payment to read them, what a shameful scam , don’t play on someone’s heart in finding that special person, yes you need funding for your site, but do it the correct way by making a site work for people looking like me not this old nonsense..

It's a big useless site.

It’s a big useless site. When I created the profile with the photos, I suddenly received 7 quick messages. After I signed up, I found that all messages come from bots. Don’t trust

Very disappointed

I signed up to this site yesterday, didn’t know what to expect, absolutely shocked by the quality of men on the site. Most of them uneducated builders , the search engine is nonexistent, asked for my money back but I’d doesn’t look like I am going to get any . If you are looking for quality people go elsewhere because this site is a rip off!! You will be very disappointed by this experience.

I met my love

I was on the site for two weeks when I met my love. We initially chatted and then met within the week. We had a mutual attraction towards each other. We are now seeing each other on a regular basis and the future together is looking good.

There are a lot of ppl

There are a lot of ppl on this site, better than most. But we also pay one of the highest premiums. I don’t think it’s right to have to purchase coins to do many things! Because of this, if things don’t work out with him, I’ll look at other sites.

It is just ripping people off

It is just ripping people off at this point and really should be shut down.

Do not join

Save your money and time. Do not join under any circumstances. Something needs to be done.


SCAM ALERT! I bet this is owned by POF or another bigger company. The SPAM will NOT stop! They email you FAKE messages from FAKE users! And then you have to subsribe/PAY to read messages! It is such a useless scam site.

Dont waste your money

Dont waste your money. Some messages I received were not real.

Datemyage is functionally impaired!

Datemyage is functionally impaired! Unfortunately I signed up for six months on a recommendation from a friend who only tested it… can’t wait for the contract to expire! I’ll give it one star for…?… sorry, can’t think of anything good about it!

Don't waste your money on Datemyage

Don’t waste your money on Datemyage. It’s set up as a scheme where they only reveal certain people the more you get involved and spend your points. It’s not open access to all profiles and you can’t just pick whomever you want to correspond with.

Most members are not active on Datemyage

Most profiles are not members. Most members are not active. Leaving very limited possibilities for matches. Not given credit for days when not able to access website. Not able to sign into my account on the last day of my subscription.

Datemyage is Absolutely terrible site

Absolutely terrible site. Joined because of a couple pf people I wanted to contact and after I joined they disappeared – bait and switch. You have to PAY for EVERYTHING!/ No explanation of how to use anything. You cannot save for or search for a specific person.

Datemyage is really a fake website

Guys! Datemyage is really a fake website, created for the purpose of debit money from you bank account automatic renew. I have cancelled my subscription but monthly subscription amount is being debited from my account. I hate this, even though there is no service/response or no contact number I’m fed up with writing mail to them no one ever responded till now.

Datemyage allowed me to engage

Datemyage allowed me to engage single women based on the characteristics I found important. I have been found by a woman on this site who shares my values and love for God.

Datemyage.com has it all

As for me I always pay much attention to usability and security of any dating service. Datemyage.com has it all, highly recommend.

Datemyage.com became my hobby

Datemyage.com became my hobby at my leisure. I just come home and talk to lovely ladies. They keep me alive and I encourage everyone – let a little romance come into your life.

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