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RussianBrides.com The times when you have to go all the lengths to get yourself a date is long gone. The introduction of technology has changed the way people live, including the way they find a prospective partner. The presence of social media sites seems to be an excellent place to hook up with someone or find a particular person for a long serious relationship, but that is not enough. RussianBrides.com People needed a more convenient way to find that somebody and that need has given rise to the world of dating sites and apps.

Russia is not only known for its places and history, on top of our mind when we hear the country are the Russian girls. These girls have been stereotyped in movies and blogs that most of them are looking for a man from overseas who will sweep them off their feet and leave Russia for good. That, plus a visa and a lavish lifestyle. Although this is half-true, still men around the round want a Russian bride.

You don’t have to go to Russia to get yourself a Russian bride. These girls are all over the world, and all you need is access to the internet and log on to the RussianBrides.com dating service.



Ladies from Russia and its adjoining nations are on popularity across the globe for over twenty years now. There is all that to cherish in a Russian lady of the hour – their excellence, their feeling of family, and viewpoint throughout everyday life. The way that you are perusing this survey implies that you have previously set your psyche in gathering a Russian woman on the web.

There are many dating sites around, and it’s difficult to trust these locales in a flash. The idea of presenting ladies from the Slavic nations to men in the West and Bedouin nation is the most famous among them. One of these dating sites is RussianBrides.com. This site is one of the biggest dating stages there is with an enormous number of male searchers and a huge information base of alluring Russian ladies.


This Russian Dating Site

Brags a local area more than 1 million individuals and a normal of 80 million visits consistently. It’s an individual from the Anastasia gathering of organizations, a believed name in dating offices that have workplaces in Russia and the US.

The individuals from RussianBrides.com have a place with changed age gatherings, guys who are searching for a solitary Russian lady prepared to date an outsider. RussianBrides.com Male profiles are more noteworthy than females, which is normal since guys are more anxious to track down an accomplice. The site has around 12,000 hits per day.

The enrolled clients and guests in RussianBride are from Australia, the Netherlands, the US, and the UK. While men dwarf ladies, there are around 25,000 ladies of Russian plunge on the site. The age dispersion is conversely corresponding, ladies from 18-34 age bunch while men are from 35 to 55 or more old enough. It is normal for ladies in Russia and adjoining nations to wed youthful.

It has a rigid strategy for the ladies on the site. Before these women can make a record, they need to give their distinguishing pieces of proof, which are checked by the RussianBrides staff. Correspondence isn’t an issue here since, in such a case that both of the gatherings can’t talk in English, the site can offer the interpretation administration to overcome any barrier.



On the off chance that this is your most memorable time in a dating application or at the site, you won’t get suggested as RusssianBrides.com has a helpful UI. Prior to making a record, you will have all the data you really want about the site, what you are getting into, the approaches and valuing, and, surprisingly, a FAQ segment to give replies to any inquiries you have as a primary concern.

The plan may not establish an incredible first connection, but rather you can’t decide how it can help you in view of the landing page, correct? At the point when you have the record and had the option to get to the point of interaction, you will be astounded by how smooth and coordinated it is. What’s more, it impeccably accomplished simple convenience with a decent plan here.


The warm and red tones compared

The magnificence of the Russian women. Giving the site a tasteful and hot feel similar as the old Hollywood glitz. All the photographs of the women are finished in great taste with astounding lighting to feature their excellence. It is an elegant dating site if you were to ask me.

All the data about the site that you ought to know is available to guests and are not given after you have pursued a record as other dating locales do. Beside the straightforwardness, one of its useful highlights is the “Main 100 women” segment. You don’t need to be a part to take a brief look at the Russian young ladies on their data set.

Also, you can limit your pursuit in light of the young ladies’ age and the locales they are from – be it Serbia, Moldova, Russia, or some other country nearby. With only a couple of snaps, you can find a date you are searching for.

What compels you stay on the site is its brilliant route devices and moderate plan. There are no irritating pop-ups or shouting pennants here. The looking through sift make it stand-through among clients. It permits you to choose up to the shade of the hair or level for your future spouse. Furthermore, that is not every one of the young ladies’ profiles even incorporate their leisure activities and preferences. Input these attributes in your determination standards, and the site will lead you to your likely accomplice.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Russianbrides worth paying for?

Russianbrides really doesn't offer many possibilities unless you pay the monthly fee or purchase a credits, so it's worth considering a subscription.

Are the women real on Russianbrides.com?

I don't believe they all are real according to survey many of them are fake. In any case, it will cost you quite a bot of money to find out my friend!

What are the free services on Russian Brides?

There are few free services on Russian Brides Free Registration Use of

Let's Mingle Sending 3 offline messages to 10 different users

Free 3-minute chats with 10 different users

Introductory Email for free

How do you use Russianbrides?

Signing up is especially quicker on Russian Brides. No frills, no fuss.

You can choose to register via email or sign up in one click using your Google account.

After creating an account you access many features and send instant messages to other.

Is Russianbrides.com expensive?

In comparison to other providers Russian Brides is average. Your first month of membership is billed at 9.99.

After the first month, your monthly membership will cost 15.99

What is russianbrides.com?

The russianbrides.com provides online dating service for finding single women in Russia,

looking for foreign husbands and dating.

You can join for free, but services include a fee.

How do you stop subscription on RussianBrides.com?

You can switch off membership auto-renewal in your account or, contact support team for assistance.

Can you send messages on RussianBrides without paying?

Yes Russianbrides provides you some free services to send messages.

You can send 3 offline messages to 10 different users.

What do I get with a membership on RussianBrides?

Discount on all credit packages.

20 credits for a 2.99 offer.

Free 3-minute chats with 10 different users

Sending 3 free offline messages to 10 different users

Sending 10 free letters to 10 different users

Use of Let's Mingle once every 24 hours

Introductory Email for free

How can I join RussianBrides?

There are two easy options you can follow:

Register in 1-click using your Google member account.

Fill out the registration form using your email.

To do so, just choose the option

Sign in with Email and

hit the Create your Account button.

How does Russianbrides work?

Russianbrides is a network located in cities across Russia and CIS. They have almost 1,000 Agencies partners located in the cities, and they bring a romantic couple together in live chat. You can easily become a part of it and enjoy it.

What is the amount a user needs to pay?

When you are going through Russianbrides.com, the best part is there is no need for you to pay even a single penny for registration. When you browse through the profile of ladies, that too is free. But when you are looking forward to engaging in live chat with them, there is a particular amount you need to pay. After paying the amount, you can have the ultimate services available to you.

Is it safe to make a payment on Russianbrides.com through a credit card?

There is no need for an individual to worry about safety because the platform is secured with credit card safety and verified by Verisign. This indicates that there will be no problem arises to you in any case at all, and no one will be able to have access to your credit card details.

What if any login issue is arising?

Majorly, no login issue arises to people because it is built on a cutting-edge technology platform, but sometimes the issue arises due to some network glitch. We suggest you wait for a while and try again within 15 to 20 minutes. This will help you to get in touch with females easily.


Don’t go here and there when boredom surrounds you, and you want someone who can have a conversation with you. Just become a part of Russianbrides and enjoy. Here we have shared a detailed Russianbrides.com Review that will help you to understand whether you want to connect with them or not. Things are quite simple when you are utilizing this platform, and no one is ever going to ask why are you using it. Your details will be confidential, and unless you are not sharing your details with anyone you know. A person can get an idea about it. Grab your mobile now, and be ready to perform the login.


Website: https://www.russianbrides com/

Phone Number: +1-800-480-8077

Address: 103 Sham Peng Tong Plaza Victoria,
New York 10018, Seychelles

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Don't waste you money on this site

Don’t waste you money on this site, they should be reported to the BBB and maybe taken to court for their business practices. If they had any sense of decency they would give me my money back, but we all know that wont happen. Spread the word that this site is junk, to help others not waste their money on it.


So, if you are looking for real love, a partner, or even a real person looking for someone else. THEN STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE. This app is only for porno site commercials. Nothing real here. Choose a different website.

Poor customer service

The web page is hard to understand and what you can do with what you paid for. I wanted to be able to chat but didn’t pay extra for call chat or email chat. When I invited someone to chat they weren’t on the chat window I had on my screen. I was looking for someone from my area and thought I stated that and yet I kept getting interested inquires from very far away. Never got to connect with one person I wanted to. One that I did chat with immediately asked inappropriate questions that you would never ask of someone you didn’t know. This turned me off and I no longer was interested in finding a someone for me. Get this I got over 200 views and only chated with 3.


I paid for a 1 month and they had them same Woman RECOMMENDED to me every day for the whole month. NO NEW RECOMENDATIONS. Their subscribers must have been limited because I kept receiving the same Woman over and over every day.

Refund policy is a rip off

Their cancellation and refund policy is a rip off. Get ready to jump through fire if you want to cancel. Obviously the reason why so many people want to leave is because this site is inefficient and useless. This site didn’t work out for me and many other people according to the reviews. I suspect they actually don’t aim at providing any dating services. They are focused on conning you out of your hard-earned money by overcharging you and keeping you on automatic renewals until you notice it and start struggling to stop them from taking your money with impunity.

Very disappointed

I have paid for 6 month premium package. Very disappointed, have encountered fake profiles and scammers several times. So thankful I have a keen sense of those who set out to try to get you to leave site so they can trick you into sending money.

Total waste of time and money

Total waste of time and money. Hardly any matches, and any I did get were hundreds of miles away, 10 years older and 10 inches shorter. So many hoops to jump through when signing up and creating my profile, yet the matches are nothing like my preferences. Lots of fake profiles, and faceless people.

Finally gave up

The platform is inferior and feels very dated. On the app, the photos are cropped so you cannot see faces. There is no method for sorting, deleting matches. When you click on likes, the profile photo has no functionality so it’s impossible to see who liked you without looking that person up on the list of matches. Overall, a very frustrating experience – i do not have the patience to deal with it. I called the customer support number to try to get a refund and was on hold for 40 minutes. Finally gave up

All ignored

I found that the same profiles on other cheaper sites were also on this site. However, my primary concern and gripe is that I’m finding it EXTREMELY difficult to cancel my subscription. They have automatically renewed my subscription even after I’d made it very clear that I wanted to cancel through 3 emails. All ignored. Now I’m going to try and get my money back and stop them billing me again.

Scam. Avoid

My review is I want to cancel my subscription and then rant that I just got taking to the bank by some hoe who convinced me to register for 2 dollars and charged me 50 dollars and I still have access to nothing lol dating sites.are.not for guys Ike me

Another pointless dating app

Another pointless dating app. People supposedly match you then immediately disappear when you message. A total scam just trying to fleece you of your information and money.

It is a ripoff

It is a ripoff.A bunch of fake profiles Scammers. Jilust like this site waiting to rip u off.Beggars asking for money gift cards and trying to get any info they can to scam you.Stay away from this Scamsite for your own good.

Complete waste of time

Personally, I have to eliminate multiple fake people every day which results in a complete waste of time. People go to this site to find a partner, but what they get is a bunch of fake accounts that claim they want to know you but end up trying to get your email and other types of information.

They are a bloody scam

They are a bloody scam. When you don’t subscribe or just having a browse this site will send you many messages so have no choice but to subscribe to see the messages, if you subscribe for a month, you do not get any messages. As soon as your subscription is over again messages start to come in. Tested this site 1 month subscription on and 1 off. “DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY PLEASE”.

Meet your guy here

Meet your guy here. I did! I am only writing this so i can unsubscribe from site. You should have been happy with what i origianlly wrote

Met someone special

Çontent overall met someone special i hope that other have the luck of meeting that special one others some characters buy I think that

Can't get out of it!!!!

I cancelled this subscription and money has once again been taken from my account. Can’t get out of it!!!!

Fake profiles

By far the worst in the amount of scammers and fake profiles.

It's an complete scam!

Run far away from this one it’s an complete scam!


This website is nothing more than a tool for CRIMINALS to scam victims $.

I was looking for a woman

I found the site by accident while looking around for datig sites. the matches weren’t great i had several cat fishes, people really not being truthful about themselves. but then something stood out to me about her profile. I was looking for a woman in my life.

Quite happy with it

Quite liking this dating site. Some really nice people on their and a good way to kill time,By the time I get home I usually have a reply, although not always of course. Quite happy with it.

Extremely happy

Extremely happy that I found this site, had heard a lot about it that you can find girls who are looking for dating. My experience has been much better then I expected highly rated thumbs up.

I am thankful

Enjoy the process and you will find one that fits the bill. Meeting, dating then marrying is a big commitment. I am thankful. Cheers and good luck to people, keep your hopes up.

It was a good platform

It was a good platform , I was looking for women , I think it was a good experience, and I’m glad to have taken the journey , here’s to a happy life time

A friend had success on here

A friend had success on here and I had hope to experience the same success. I came on here with no expectations but I have the experience to very rewarding.I was looking for a man

Clean site

Clean site and beautiful women here.I would recommend this site to anyone. Excellent site! Join if you are lonely.

Everything was great

Everything was great, very accessible.No problem signing up and being notified on views and messages great. Thank you

My experience has been very positive

My experience has been very positive and i have met a several ladies that were very nice. i would highly recommend for meeting women who are seriously looking for a relationship.

I have met a wonderful lady

I have met a wonderful lady

A lot of cool features

Found a lot of cool people on this site, the features weren’t like other sites. A lot of cool features. Met a few women on here.

I have many meetings

I was a member on this site. I have only good thoughts about it. I was spending a lot of time there, while I found “she”. During that time, I have many meetings.

Just total scam

Just total scam

I want my money back!

Second dating app I’ve used and it is simply a confusing money-making ripoff. The messaging within the app appears to be one way only. I liked someone as was told they liked me. I messaged them and did not receive a reply. I want my money back!

This site is terrible

Seriously this site is a waste of time and the selection is terrible.

Crap app

You cannot message anyone or read messages or use this application unless you pay! Crap app! Not spending my money without a probationary trial period first!

No more online dating for me.

The guy I met was a deviant rapist. Nice at first but manipulative, culminating in a rape he seemed proud of. I kept telling russianbrides to stop taking money each month via PayPal. I want them to refund my $239 but now they are ignoring me. Shut them down. I had to move to another state so the guy could not find me. No more online dating for me.

I will not recommend this to anyone

Every man I have met on the RussianBrides WEBSITE either wanted money Itune cards or Amazon cards money or nude pictures I am very disappointed with this Web site and I can’t even get into my account now and I send a email to reset my password and I get nothing from them I will not recommend this to anyone I know as far as I am concerned this is a bad website maybe the NEWS needs to do a report on this website

Honestly this website is full of $#*!

Honestly this website is full of $#*!. I made an account and 2 hours later my account was somehow deleted. Supposedly my email doesn’t exist yet when you look it up it’s still there.

They think paying customers don't care, but we do!!

Russian Brides dating site is always up in everyone’s profile. One employee at Russian Brides will like your pictures and another one will delete one just because they can. Also, they watch what you say and delete your words to the other people. They think paying customers don’t care, but we do!!

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