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Yourtravelmates.com Do you view yourself as a movement freak? What do you feel like not so much as a solitary companion or relative is there who can figure out your energy and backing you? Would you like to have the inclination when somebody is there with you and having a similar interest while voyaging? On the off chance that indeed, Yourtravelmates.com is the stage particularly produced for all movement fans out there.

It could give off an impression of being a movement dating stage, yet the idea is totally different unique, and you simply have to figure out it. Here we will be going to share the Yourtravelmates.com audit to make things all the more clear for you.


About YourTravelMates.com Stage:

Yourtravelmates is a stage that was sent off back in 1993 for that multitude of individuals who need to interface with individuals having a similar interest. Essentially, for every one of the voyagers. It is a local area where they can find numerous spots, plan trips and have a movement pal accessible to them.

On this entry, a client will actually want to share their critical minutes and add to the movement local area. Likewise in the event that, they are anticipating finding somebody who is keen on heading out and assisting them with get-together data about the neighborhood place, they can associate with them. It persuades and moves voyagers to have trips and have a few proposals too from different explorers around. They can learn about the movement business and get a thought regardless of whether they are keen on going with you.


How does YourTravelMates.com Entry Functions?

Yourtravelmates.com entryway will be going to be a dating gateway for you. You could feel like how you can associate going with dating, yet this is reality. The engineers let you associate with individuals over the globe and assist you with YourTravelMates.com finding a solution regardless of whether they are keen on voyaging. On the off chance that you are not a movement lover at that point too. You can make your record and draw in with individuals across the globe. They will assist you to understanding their advantage and make you with feeling involved also. There will be no requirement for you to feel desolate any longer whatsoever.

Certain individuals have the propensity where they need to speak with individuals yet don’t believe that it should occur, in actuality. Around then, they consider a computerized stage to have it. By remembering something very similar, this Yourtravelmates.com entry comes into thought, and individuals consider it as a movement dating gateway. It serves you with Worldwide dating, which obviously intends that there will be no requirement for you to step outside and begin knowing somebody by and by. You can make your record and appreciate it.


How to Play out the Enlistment?

At the point when you are anticipating playing out the enlistment, the means are very easy to follow. These are as we are giving:-

At the absolute first, you really want to visit the authority site of

Presently on the primary page, hit on the Make a Record

At the point when you hit on it, another page will seem where it will request playing out the login, and you can play out the login with the assistance of a Google account.

It will request Google account subtleties, notice something similar.

Presently you can essentially finish the further method and appreciate imparting your experience to other people and figure out your movement amigos.

Note: It is significant for a person to make certain about the agreements of the entry on the grounds that on the off chance that they have missed on to it, the engineers will end the record, and afterward they need to disregard web based dating and sharing travel encounters here.


Is it Protected to Utilize YourTravelMates.com?

There is no question this entryway is protected to utilize. The designers watch out for each posted substance and the profiles made. Without checking the profile, they don’t permit the person to post about their experience. In addition, in the event that somebody has made any difficulty or allowed the designers to have a restless outlook on their exercises, they end their record right away.

This gateway doesn’t permit anybody to peep into the protection of others until and except if they have any desire. In the event that you are prepared to impart your data to other people, just data will be shared; if not, there will be no such difficulty regardless.

YourTravelMates.com – Is It Allowed to Utilize the Entryway?

Yourtravelmates.com is an entry allowed to utilize. At the point when a client needs to turn into a part, they need to fit the bill for a free part test. They need to give quality substance on their profile, including recordings, photographs, and profile depictions. Additionally, clients will actually want to actuate their records by following the local area strategy with the expectation of complimentary individuals. Each orientation choice is accessible, yet they need to look at regardless of whether the entry is accessible in their country. An individual should be something like 18 years old when they are playing out the login.


Is it Right to Think about a Protected Dating Stage?

There is no question in the way that security is at its best on this entryway. A client won’t be going to confront any sort of disturbance on the grounds that the gateway is following every one of the lawful guidelines overseeing Worldwide dating. They never give the individual contact data of one part to another, and this is absolutely the selection of individuals whether they need to share their contact subtleties with others or not.


Frequently Asked Questions


How to register on YourTravelMates.com?

There are two easy options to follow when joining YourTravelMates.com:

Register with your Facebook member account.

Fill out the registration form using your email.

To do so, just choose the option Sign in with Email and

hit the Create your Account button.

If this link is not visible then it’s because you have already joined.

Can I register free on YourTravelMates.com?

Yes, you can join YourTravelMates.com with no charge at all.

How to Pay for YourTravelMates?

The pop up with payment details appears when you start chatting. It offers to buy 20, 160 or 1000 credits.

The rule is simple:

one message equals one credit, or one minute of live chat costs one credit as well.

One credit costs from 15 up to 60 cents depending on the offer.

What is Anti Scam policy on YourTravelMates?

Scammers are filtered by personal check of every account. It makes the platform a truly safe place for those who are looking for travel mates. YourTravelMates doesn’t allow you to establish any contacts with members without buying credits. It protects existing users from scammers’ attacks.

What is YourTravelMates?

YourTravelMates dating site is a place where a selection of beautiful pictures of ladies meets you on the home page.

They are smiling, happy and seem to be friendly.

What Payment method used on YourTravelMates.com?

YourTravelMates accepts only credit cards.

How to delete YourTravelMates account?

The account deletion process is simple. Users who no longer wish to continue online dating through YourTravelMates can delete their profiles by contacting the YourTravelMates customer service team via a contact form found on the site.

Is YourTravelMates expensive?

In comparison to other providers YourTravelMates is expensive.

How to contact YourTravelMates support team?

You can contact YourTravelMates at any time via su[email protected] with any questions or enquiries.

What are the details a person needs to provide for performing the login?

For performing the login user requires their Google account, and rest they need to follow the on-screen mentioned instructions.

Why Yourtravelmates is a secure platform to date online?

Yourtravelmates is a secure platform to date online because the developers are keeping each and every factor into consideration and let individuals connect with the people by having the same in mind. It is not important to share any personal details because they do not want to own any right over it.



Finally, there is a platform that will help you to get a partner while traveling and partners with whom you can share your personal thing as well. It is the best online dating platform because Yourtravelmates.com has each and every feature with contributing to the same. Without wasting even a second, just be aware of it and perform the login.


Website: https://www.yourtravelmates.com

Phone Number: +1-888-985-0020

Address: 10 Anson Road #05-17, International Plaza,
Singapore (079903)

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Can't believe how bad and devious this site is

Can’t believe how bad and devious this site is. I was amazed at how fast I got a response. Loads of questions from pretty ladies wanting me to reply. Every time I replied money was flying out of my account! I was oblivious to how fast my money was flying out of my bank account! One of the few times I didn’t do my homework. Went straight to my bank and cancelled and blocked everything about this app! DON’T BE THAT FOOL!

It's full of hackers

This site is full of fake profiles and it sucks.. it don’t load right and cost money for you to get scammed by other sites… It’s full of hackers and scams.

I won't waste my money again

On numerous occasions I have not been able to send messages. I click on the icon but message doesn’t send. I have emailed the company to report but have never received a satisfactory answer as the problem still exists. I have called but I apparently get put on hold as music just plays and plays and plays! No one ever answers and my problem never gets corrected. I won’t waste my money again. Starting my 4th month and no correction to the problem.

Please beware

The reviews on this site are absolutely true. I wish I could stop people from wasting their money. Half the profiles don’t have a picture. And the ones that do aren’t even local. And the ones that are look like they just fell off a prison bus. They make it so difficult to cancel the renewal. There has to be better sites out there. Please beware.

Highly recommend to avoid.

Paid for premium subscription for one year. Although I was very specific as to age, location, and other factors, over 95% of “Matches” were inappropriate. Did not renew, but am bombarded daily with potential mates. Very disappointed, even after several complaints to their service (?) department. Highly recommend to avoid.

They replace real women with bots

They replace real women with bots. I saw how scammy and phony it was and I will never go back to it. All they want is to fleece you of your money. They think if you are 50+, you must be stupid and naive. They made up many fake computer-generated and computer-operated profiles, simply using stolen photos of people. Very dishonest company! They make profit by exploiting the vulnerable.

overall 1 star

As you can see it’s an overall 1 star review because when you try to cancel they still renew your contract

Don't bother wasting your money

Don’t bother wasting your money on this site, you are better off looking for potential matches on popular sites. I made the mistake of trying something different due to my age but that was a big mistake and a waste of over $100. There are very, very few singles. I have a graduate degree and asked for individuals with a similar education but that didn’t happen and still doesn’t. I am trying to be careful here and not be condescending to other people and their background. It’s not what I am looking for and am not happy with wasting money on a site that definitely has false advertising.

So many fakes

So many fakes, scammers and catfish on this site! Not to mention this site want you to pay for a membership so in their wisdom they heavily restrict what you can use for free. Not sure how that inspires me to want to buy a membership!

It is a scam site

It is a scam site, once you pay it is almost impossible to cancel subscription. I’ve tried to talk with call center, they always disconect the call.

Hopeless app

Hopeless app. Account deleted for no good reasons. Request for help fell on deaf ears. Each attempt to create a new account – I am a genuine guy, not a pervert or scammer – was also blocked and deleted within a few hours.

What a load of rubbish

What a load of rubbish save your money, waste of time all fake profiles take your money and try to extort more or of you. Messaged loads of profiles never got a reply, load of crap. Keep well at from. Save you money and try more reputable sites.

This site is FULL of scammers

This site is FULL of scammers and scammers. I can’t even count how many scam messages I have received. The only reason I haven’t deleted my account yet is because I undertake to report every scam / fraud message I receive.


The site is a waste of time and money as it contains mostly fake of dead profiles.

Good experiences

Good experiences, and I’m happy, find somebody, very nice person, loyal, handsome, faithful, fun, espiritual, good person

I think it is bull

I think it is bull that you have to buy coins when you have paid for the membership. I stated to meet within a 50 mile radius and it would show members all over the country and the ones furthest away

There are so many dead profiles

There are so many dead profiles, the reason for this is that they make it so hard to deactivate your profile. So you end up writing hundreds of letters and there is no response.

Spam messages

Joined this site, several days later only received scam and spam messages.

Stay away

Stay away If your looking for love a grocery store is a better place find it,over this site.

Worst dating site ever

Worst dating site ever. Expensive, no local profiles. No one is ever online. Haven’t been able to talk to anyone in almost a month now.

It was recommended to me

It was recommended to me as a dating site that should meet my needs, & it did. I met my partner on this site after having the opportunity to meet quite a few guys.

Making on our first date

I met a lovely babe . And we had a very hot and romantic love. Making on our first date. I can never forget that day. The lovely babe is currently the mother of my baby .

Overall a good experience

Met the man of my life. He is my heart and soul. Platform can be a little reapedative lots of lookers but not many positive messages. Overall a good experience.

Best dating site

So far the best dating site I’ve found. It feels so good to talk to the attractive ladies. Hope to tie up with someone in the near future. Working on it!

It takes a while

It takes a while but if we know what we want and stay firm with it, you’ll find what you want. Don’t forget to always protect yourself first at all time.

There are many really nice people

Take time to get to know online members, before you meet them. Try talking and text first. There are many really nice, good hearted people..

I found the love of my life

It was a pleasure to used this website and App , I found the love of my life, a perfect match… Good luck to everyone

Customer service is superb!

Customer service is superb!

This dating site is quite easy to navigate

This dating site is quite easy to navigate and provides all the needed features such as a smart searching tool, email correspondence, video streaming and favorite profiles. While searching you can specify a region, physical appearance

Great stuff!!!

The various tools that this website offers make it easier for you to navigate the website. If you are ever having trouble with your account or using the website, you can get assistance from their live support team.

Never thought I would meet

Never thought I would meet my future wife on a dating site. Guess who is about to get married to a girl she met on here

Safe Website

This site is one of the very few responsible and well run dating sites. The one scammer who contacted me was immediately removed from the site and they take care to prevent objectionable photos and other material that if seen by underage at least graphically is protected.

What a joke of a site!

Obviously a money grabbing site. What a joke of a site!

Its worthless

Its worthless. Wastage of time for guys. It wants to show to girls if we can’t spend few money to became a paid members then we are fake and poor.

Bunch of crooks

This company is a fraudulent ignorant bunch of crooks ! Continually charging renewal fees for a service I’m not subscribed to.

Terrible site, no customer service

Terrible site, no customer service

These people are real scammers

I have tried to unsubscribe on their web site and written several unsubscribe e-mails, but they will just not let you off the hook. These people are real scammers, so unless you want to see €10 disappear from your account every month, don’t get in because you will not be able to get out, unless you block your credit card!


When I report them to YourTravelMates, they just leave them up. I spoke with one man who had been scammed over and over. Sad.


Horrible! The profiles seem fake for most girls, they never send anything to you or respond. All talking about finding a good guy or whatever but if you don’t look like an athlete or model it’s not worth it.

Ripped off!

I paid for a subscription cause i kept getting notices about messages then when I paid for subscription I find out these are nothing more then bait and hook scams I cancel my subscription but they tell me that cause i already paid for the subscription I would get the rest of that subscription only to find out they cut it short and didnt give me the full subscription and Im back to getting the scam bait and hook messages.

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