is the worst.

Posted On : July 13, 2019

You will never meet a woman in real life from this site. Every time it comes time to meet a woman, she has to leave the country or the area where you will be located. I live in Illinois and supposedly two women from Columbia were living in Texas. They both wanted to meet be very badly, just so happened I was going to Texas for work. The same city as they supposedly lived. One just happened to be in Florida the week I was there and the other couldn’t meet because of her work, which she only worked a few hours in the evening. She said she was available the day I was leaving and had to catch my flight. Then my next trip, she had to return to Columbia. Now she doesn’t respond at all because she knows I’m in Texas every other week.The other one is still in Florida even though she told me that she would return to Texas the day I told her that I was flying home. Then I said I stayed over a day to meet her and then she didn’t reply. You will never meet anyone on the scam site or their other partner sites. The site is the worst.


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