Useless customer service of Arabiandate

Posted On : August 2, 2019

I have been a member of this site. was looking seriously for a life partner. met some wonderful ladies but could not communicate exchange emails because this site does not allow that ever. how are you then supposed to meet them. i sent several queries regarding the charges were for email ids to be exchanged but there was no response. they just wish to make fools of people keep them expecting and excited and waste time on chatting and writing meaninlgess emails which is a wasted exercise given they do not have any policy to allow people to exchange emails. all over sites such as these allow people to exchange mails upon payment of a fee. this site NEVER allows this. some time back when i checked there were tens of mails with this complaint here now i find none. wonder seriously about the genuineness of the above people giving 5 stars to this site. anyone can put anything here not very difficult to understand how suddenly everyone seems to like thiis site. the same goes for the sister sites anastasia, asian, amolatina.


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