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I am giving VictoriaHearts 1 star

I am giving VictoriaHearts 1 star because I can’t give them no less. My account was deleted too for no reason, and no customer service to ask why. + I never met anyone on the site. you get what you pa…. More

simpla9w - October 14, 2019
Eharmony is a scam

Eharmony is a scam it’s not free as it claims, you have to pay to use half of the services and it’s full of webcam girls, hookers, escorts, and scam artists. I’d never recommend this sight to anyone.
…. More

kenianan4 - October 14, 2019
Dont use this site

Dont use this site if your after a single nice girl. Many of better ones out there

lilinioka - October 12, 2019
The women on this site are fakes

The women on this site are fakes. I wouldn’t even call them women. Wanta b’s is more like it. Do not waste your time with this site. You could find better women on a street corner.

whooostinoa7 - October 12, 2019
Absolutely worthless!

Absolutely worthless!

kacikok9 - October 11, 2019

Horrible! The profiles seem fake for most girls, they never send anything to you or respond. All talking about finding a good guy or whatever but if you don’t look like an athlete or model it’s not wo…. More

vibaruwa8i - October 10, 2019
What a Joke of a site

What a Joke of a site, they stress that are trying to help people find love but deleting people for being themselves and wanting to date. They took my profile site off because I had more people on blo…. More

grungylaundry6p - October 5, 2019
Honestly this website is full of $#*!

Honestly this website is full of $#*!. I made an account and 2 hours later my account was somehow deleted. Supposedly my email doesn’t exist yet when you look it up it’s still there.

hanaingai0 - October 4, 2019
The website absolutely rubbish

The website absolutely rubbish I had to register a few times, when I was trying to log in after a few day keep saying tour email address is not in our database, and a lot of time waster are there most…. More

me1raa8 - October 3, 2019
I will not recommend to anyone else

I will not recommend to anyone else. My story is same here. Create an account and few hours later got deleted. No notice of any reason. There is no one you can call to get support. Only ema…. More

glavatijaz5 - October 3, 2019
This sight is terrible

This sight is terrible. The quality of men on this sight is horrible. Convicts, players, guys only looking for casual sex. Men that likes to play games and very immature. Ladies if you are looking for…. More

peskuqm - October 2, 2019
Total waste of time

This site is only good if you want sex with a bunch of strangers. Some moron sent me a picture of his thing..really if thats all you want get a hooker. Total waste of time, I closed my account after 3…. More

gregg123smith - October 1, 2019