How to Let Go of Painful Experiences. 4 Steps to Heal The Past!

What is your definition of forgiveness or forgiveness?

We often hold a grudge, hoping Painful Experiences that someone will come back and apologize to us.
Other times, we don’t want to let go because we feel that our letting go means automatically justifying someone else’s behavior.

It is also worth distinguishing between this justification, acceptance, and letting go.

Acceptance is accepting circumstances or events. And forgiveness is about processing and finally giving up guilt, hurt, anger and resentment. Forgiving yourself or others is not about ignoring, minimizing, or indulging. Forgiving yourself is accepting with acceptance of past experiences and actions, without blaming.
Neither accepting nor forgiving is about justifying the behavior of those who have hurt you.

How to Let Go of Painful Experiences. 4 Steps to Heal The Past!

The main elements of forgiveness:

1. Forgiveness is a process. – Painful Experiences

Sometimes, in order to forgive oneself or others, it is enough to take a closer look at the situation once, but much more often it is a process that takes time and requires a SharekAlomre several-step approach.
Forgiveness is a choice.

2. It is impossible to forgive yourself (or others) if you are not ready for it .

Forgiveness is a conscious decision. Your willingness to forgive has little to do with apologizing to or making amends to the person who has hurt you. Forgiveness is your individual decision on how you want to organize your past experiences.

3. Resentment – Painful Experiences

After the initial anger and anger, there is often a feeling of regret. Forgiveness is letting go of resentment, freeing yourself from resentment towards yourself or another person.

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4. Forgiveness is not forgetting the past, but only changing your view of the past .

Forgiveness is the basis for rebuilding your life after a breakup, but it is also a key element in rebuilding existing relationships that often become stuck due to painful experiences.

Sometimes it is better for you and your life to forgive and open up to something new, and other times to forgive and build a new future with the same person.

There is no one universal rule. What is most important is to allow yourself to be forgiven, to stop being in the vestibule all the time to your real life!

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