It Nice That You Love Each Other. But Are You Friends?

You can do at least three things with spilled milk.

1) If you are a fan of Love Each Other adage, you can cry over it.
2) Can be wiped clean.
3) You can shout: “You can’t even pour simple milk ?!” and make the pits of hell open in your “M”.

I have a friend (let’s call her Karolina) who very often chooses gate number 3.

Overall, she’s a nice girl. You talk to her about art, do business with her, and have a drink. Her fiancé is great too. At school, I might not be sitting in the same desk with him, but he is intelligent, has a lot of knowledge and understands jokes, which cannot be said for everyone.

If you saw them in the picture, you’d think, “What a nice couple!” But if you would listen to them, you’d rather say, “Oh fuck!”

In the first “Avengers,” Captain America says to Bruce Banner,
“I think it’s time you get mad.”
– I’ll tell you a secret – says Banner, turning into Hulk – I’m always furious.

In this relationship, Karolina is the Hulk. Her lips say “teddy bear” but her eyes search for a reason to ask angrily, “Why do you have to be like this?”

When he is late, she rolls her eyes: “You do it all at the last minute!”

She stays at work longer, it’s because she can’t stand up.

When he remembered every anniversary and celebration for the past five years, that was just fine, but it was enough that he forgot once for a bucket of washes spilling over his head.

It can be said that Karolina is disappointed in this relationship. That she is unhappy. That she expects something from a man that her fiancée does not give her. You can. But very often relationships aren’t bad by themselves, because we bond with people who have charmed us. They are often bad because we bombard them with negative feelings and make our relationships like bruised apples. Unfortunately, bruised apples rot sooner or later. All relationships that lack friendship end the same way. Even if there is love in them.

This sounds paradoxical, because usually loving someone is treated as the highest stage of the words “I like you.” In fact, the two feelings are completely different. You can love someone and not like them.

It Nice That You Love Each Other. But Are You Friends

What do you do when you like someone? – Love Each Other

Karolina’s best friend is Magda.

Magda is as good. Pretty cool. Reasonably pretty. Reasonably intelligent.

It has character as well. In addition to a party, carefree soul and the desire to come with a bottle of wine to laugh and chat, it also has numerous disadvantages. She is distracted YourLatinMates and self-centered. She is almost always late because she does so many fascinating things that you have to wait for her. Only she is at the center of her world, and a longer focus on someone else seems to be beyond her strength.

Do you have this image in front of your eyes? If you see Magda as a person whose advantages and disadvantages balance each other, then you are right. However, try to tell Karolina that Magda has flaws, and after a second you will see her playing the role of a ratler barking in her defense.

Because she may be late, but that’s just the way she is. Anyway, who is without flaws?

Because maybe her relationships are shredded like cabbage for bigos, but it’s not her fault only these guys.

Because maybe he forgets about her, but she is not ideal either.

He always greets her with a smile. He’s on her side. It justifies. And when he can’t justify her, he argues with her, but forgives in the end anyway.

This is friendship. You are friends with someone because of that person’s strengths and despite their disadvantages. Don’t exaggerate the little things. You praise her more than you criticize. You let her be human, that is, one who can solve equations and joke, but also has flaws and cracks.

Now take a break and think about how many people you know who treat the people they are in relationships with this way? The people they say are number 1 in their lives. Those next to whom they wake up and talk about their dreams. The ones where they take their clothes off.

Not much, right? Somehow, more people can treat their friends properly than they treat their loves. The latter are surprisingly often treated as enemies who came to fuck Love Each Other their lives, even though in reality they would have given them a star from heaven.

It’s just burnt pancakes – Love Each Other

The first rule of better communication is: “Change your mindset.”

Our attitude does not depend on who we are or who the person opposite is.

Our attitude is a matter of how we choose to treat someone. Like a friend or an enemy? Like a flesh-and-blood man or a genie who is supposed to fulfill all our whims? How is a dream come true or someone who stands in our way?

This is important because people adapt to the way you look at them. There are exceptions, but if you treat people like an ulcer in the butt, they will be that ulcer for you. If you treat them like the greatest people in the world, you are giving them the opportunity to become like that. And if you treat the people you are with as friends, they will also act like that.

There are many ways to take care of a relationship , but it’s the easiest and most spectacular thing you can do to have a 100% better relationship! For this to work, you don’t have to go out with a person without flaws. You also don’t have to hold a beer drinking Love Each Other competition with her. You just need to like the other person overall. For everything that makes him himself and not someone else. For being cool in general, instead of just taking the bad things out of your relationship and ignoring the rest.

A long time ago I came across such a story. The family is eating breakfast. Pancakes are burnt and bitter. The husband does not comment on it, eats everything and says “Thank you” with a smile. Later, he drives his son to kindergarten. On the way, my son asks:
– Dad, why didn’t you tell your mom that she burnt down her breakfast and you didn’t like it?
– Because you see, son, mom has a lot on her mind. Grandma is sick, worries about her job and cares for you as best she can. If I told her that, she’d be sorry, and that didn’t mean anything. It’s just burnt pancakes.

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This. Just. Burnt. Pancakes.

Don’t give “pancakes” more importance than they really are, because they don’t really have any. Most of the things you get irritated about in your relationships are also missing.

Somewhere at the end, all that matters is whether you can look at the other person, smile and think, “I’m glad you are there. I’m fucking happy. ” As long as you can, it’s all right.

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